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References / Carindustry


Voith industrial services Voit  Industrial services Industrial services :

  • Remodeling of a Sprinmag coating unit for the automatically brake disc coating at VW in Mexico.
  • Extension of a robotic glutenplant for car wings.


FFT / EDAG (2011):

  • Commissioning of production facilities in the body welding facility at BMW
    • Projekt: Wheel arch left / right at BMW in munich (L7-standard / model number: F30)

FCC / SFI Logo FCC / SFI (2012):

  • Cycle time optimization of a scissor based conveyor system for underbodytransport in the bodyshop at BMW in Shenyang.

  • Conversion of a sliding carriage for pallet transport at BMW in Shenyang (assemblyshop)


Siemens (2012):

  • PLC programming and commissioning of body welding facility in the body shop at BMW
    • Project: Rear carrier systems Left/Right at BMW Dingolfing (L7-standart / model series: F34/F36)


SFI (2012 / 2013):

  • Development of the control software for a 2 axle profibusbased EMS system.
  • PLC programming and commissioning of a EMS- engine for the engine assembly of MINI in Oxford.
    • Project: Engine Line03 EMS system MINI / Oxford


Siemens (2013):

  • Development of the sequencingsoftware to imagine the model type mix and to guarantee the sequence faithful supply with type-specific MAT's to the conveyor system of the body-marriage system.
  • PLC programming and commissioning of a RBG (stacker crane) for a swap and type-specific sequence creation of MAT in the bodyshop wedding at BMW in Shenyang.
  • Programming and commissioning of the data management in the area of marriage, door line / cockpit line and engine line EMS systems.
    • Projekt: Marriage BMW / BBA Shenyang (China) 30 Units